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CDM 2015: Pre-Construction Information

CDM 2015 Pre-Construction Info: Contractor’s Hazard Information

The clients with whom we have been working for some time will be no strangers to the fact we advocate great importance to having good hazard information available by property and building. The changes to CDM 2015 now state this must be provided and it should be specific to the work being undertaken. We are working with everyone to improve the standard of this information and make it more accessible and easier to use where we advise clients.P1110405 small [1]

Going forward it will be absolutely critical those in control of property obtain previous H&S files, O&M manuals, contaminated land searches, condition surveys and the like when property is bought, and pass this on when property is sold. Property Managers should ensure they know where this information is, look after it, and make it available to use in an accessible format so anyone undertake specific work can take out exactly what they need.

CDM 2015 guidance suggests creating a client brief for contractors, and providing the pre-construction information within this. This should be easily obtainable information or information which can be ascertained by survey.

The client brief may typically include:

In addition, all clients should now have their own site rules which specify expected conduct and how information for the Health & Safety file [2]is to be provided.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the new CDM 2015 regulations. We can help with your specific arrangements.