Waste Fines Hit 1.7million

Hosking Associates have been looking at convictions for serious waste offences in 2011. England & Wales went up by 25%  and fines imposed by the courts went up by a whooping 45%. Large scale dumping is a growing problem with construction and demolition waste the most commonly found in illegal sites.

At Hosking Associates we spend a lot of time with out clients guiding them in how to manage waste within the hierarchy of waste control. This means avoiding waste generation, re-use, re-cycle and to dispose of responsibly. We find that many of our clients still struggle with obtain the correct waste transfer documentation but can not stress the importance enough of focusing on this area.

If you would like any advice on Waste Management Issues then please contact us at info@hosking-associates.com or you can call us on  0203 603 6466  where we will happily  answer all of your queries.