The healthy approach to flexible working

Louise Hosking shares her opinion on flexible working

Work-life balance and how to manage stress and wellbeing were common themes at two events I attended recently on behalf of IOSH.

IOSH was invited to partner with Management Today on two conferences – Inspiring Women in Business this month and earlier this year, Young Women in Business. While aimed at one gender, there was much to take away from both events to inform the support we give to all members.

Many of the leaders I met were asking about wellbeing. Along with presentations on the day we got to talking about flexible working. As someone also running a small business where everyone (except me!) works part-time, we discussed whether flexible working encourages a work-life balance or leaves people permanently switched on.

Being an OSHBod is challenging but rewarding work. Part-time work enables us to do other things which develops us in different ways whether this is raising a family, volunteering or being involved in something completely different. I strongly believe part-time work contributes just as much.

Louise Hosking IOSH VP & Director of Hosking Associates