CDM15 Part 1: What is it? The Law


Relevant for everyone involved in building work, repair & maintenance or for those who commission these works. CDM15 now also applies to domestic projects where work is being undertaken on a home for a client who will ultimately live there. ALL work will require a construction phase plan, even small home improvement jobs and repairs. The whole CDM15 process now applies to any construction work and not just when it is notifiable. This course gives an overview of the regulations and legal duties. Delegates will also receive sources to other information.

Course objectives

By the end of the half-day session, delegates will understand the implications of the new requirements and how it affects them. Responsibilities will be clarified and some top tips given on how to manage documentation and paperwork.

Who should attend

The course is relevant to anyone in control of construction projects, designers and contractors. It will be of particular help to those in small and medium size companies. Self-employed builders who work on domestic projects will also find it useful. The session is very relevant to architects and project managers.


1/2 Day

Course content

  • Background to the requirements
  • Application – Definition of Construction Work
  • The Duty Holders and their roles
    • Clients
    • The Principal Contractor
    • Contractors
    • The Principal Designer
    • Designers
  • Pre-Construction Information
  • Development of the Construction Phase Plan
  • The Health & Safety File
  • Notification
  • Consequences of not complying
  • HSE Fees for Intervention
  • Sentencing Guidelines


Delegates will be emailed a certificate of attendance following the course.