IOSH: Why representing diversity at work could lead to sound, risk-based choices

In September 2017, IOSH council ratified the institution’s latest equality and diversity (E&D) policy which covers all members, volunteers and IOSH employees

Programmes are already in place to raise staff awareness and I am particularly interested in how we support our 48,000 members and 1,100 volunteers.

Promoting E&D brings balance; it encourages us to learn about different cultures and from each other, which is important to IOSH as a global membership organisation.

When E&D is promoted in the right way, people with different approaches collaborate more, listen more and become more tolerant. E&D encourages information sharing, problem-solving and makes us all better communicators. These are qualities that stand us in good stead in our roles as OSH professionals, so it is right for IOSH to support members in being truly inclusive.

“True equality is not about taking opportunities away from one group to give them to another”

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Louise Hosking is Director of Hosking Associates and VP of IOSH